Assignment 2: Classification

Practice from today’s class

1.       Download the Excel Example – Classification file that we worked on in class, and starting with the raw data, try and replicate the entire analysis on your own once more, so you can practice the Excel skills needed, and convince yourself that you can do it. Nothing needs to be turned in.


2.       Look at the Pivot Evaluation worksheet in that file, and in the row representing the score range 400-499, interpret each of the numbers from columns J through Q. (from 15.9% to 4.33%). Write one sentence explaining what each of the numbers means. Those answers are all that you need to upload as the assignment.

Your next quiz will essentially be questions similar to that – interpretation of the table to evaluate the classification model.


Begin work on your Group Project!

Please get together with your full team and pick a dataset from either your company or from an online source (links below).

Search for Kaggle datasets (,

or the UCI Machine Learning Repository


Find a dataset that you can do regression analysis on, either with a numeric dependent for standard multiple regression,

or a categorical (binary only) dependent for classification. Analyze the data and report the results. You will be presenting your results on the last day.