Fluorite Necklace

Hand crafted 18 necklace made with 4mm fluorite beads and a gold plated lobster clasp. Fluorite stones are a translucent mix of banded violet, purple, green and clear.

This necklace has been infused with Reiki energy by a Reiki Master to enhance the healing properties of the fluorite. The creator and seller of this necklace has been a Reiki Master since 1996. This necklace has been created not only as at item of adornment but as an ally for your spiritual growth.

The meaning of the stones used in this necklace:

Flourite brings higher realities into the physical plane, balances mental energies. Good for meditation. Actualizes, increases life forces, and expands mental power. The cubic clusters symbolize advanced technological states in harmony with the universal principles. Fluorite clears the mind of stress from fast-paced living. The octrahedrons represent the advancement of the individual in the modern world. In the blue, purple, golden and white colors they effect the head and also chakras above. (6th. and 7th. Chakras)

*Quoted from www.chakrajewelry.com

Price: $25 plus $4 shipping and handling
Method of Payment: Personal Check or Money Order
Contact: marla@nargund.com


**The information given above is not meant to replace medical care.

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