Sodalite, Rose Quartz and Pearls

Hand crafted 26 necklace made with 4mm sodalite, rose quartz and pearl beads with a gold plated lobster clasp. Sodalite stones are denim blue with swirls of blue and soft white. Rose quartz stones are a delicate translucent pink. The pearls are fine white premium AA freshwater pearls.

This necklace has been infused with Reiki energy by a Reiki Master to enhance the healing properties of the sodalite, rose quartz and pearls. The creator and seller of this necklace has been a Reiki Master since 1996. This necklace has been created not only as at item of adornment but as an ally for your spiritual growth.

The meaning of the stones used in this necklace:

Sodalite: The metabolic balance of the glandular and lymphatic system is an important affect of this mineral. Its high blue color shows its spiritual signature trait. It is an affordable replacement for lapis lazuli in healing/growth work and in providing activation to the third eye area. Connecting, Aids friendship. (5th. and 6th. Chakras)

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love, compassion, and forgiveness. As the heart heals, rose quartz assists in aligning the heart with the high heart; merging and blending this higher connection circuit. It brings one into a state of personal peace, allowing one to live fully in the present moment. The quartz of the heart, an emotional release and balancing stone. Its pink color resonates warmth and love. Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone. Small pieces can be calming and healing in all aggressive conditions. Personal issues that are very often at the root of emotional and mental tensions can be eased with rose quartz. Usually it is considered to be a gentle stone, but where there is considerable stress, rose quartz can release imbalance very rapidly, which may cause some discomfort. At the heart chakra, it is best used with balancing green stones. (4th. Chakra)

Pearl improves the digestion of events, focuses attention in a balanced emotional manner, reduces irritability and is especially soothing in combination with colored gems. Though it can be worn anywhere on a person harmoniously, it has a special link to the third - eye area. Pearl can balance the emotions and increase tolerance and flexibility. The nervous system relaxes, especially where there has been irritation or frustrated energy. Aspects of solar plexus function, such as balance of physical energy, assimilation of nutrients, and self-assurance are all influenced by pearl. Many glandular functions can be regulated with pearl. (6th. Chakra)

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**The information given above is not meant to replace medical care.

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