EDB 9080: Quantitative Methods I

Schedule for Spring 2022



Instructor: Dr. Satish Nargundkar 
Office: RCB 727, 35 Broad St., ATL

Office Hours:  By appointment 

E-Mail: snargundkar@gsu.edu    

Phone: (678) 644 6838  



Tentative Schedule [Click here for Syllabus]


Please review relevant topics from Dr. Lange’s stat prep course as needed, based on the schedule you see below.

For instance, review descriptive stats before the January residency.






January Residency

Jan 28:


Course Overview

Data Types, Basic Terminology, Dependent and Independent variables

Descriptive Statistics

Burns & Burns: 7, 8, 10

Standard Deviation Exercise

Excel Spreadsheet

Lung Capacity Data

Read Piketty et al paper before class


Qs to answer about the paper

Jan 29:


Sample Variance (why n-1?)

Principal Components / Factor Analysis -

Interpreting SPSS Output

Factor Data

Burns & Burns, 18

UCLA Digital Research and Education, Stat Consulting

TIBCO Data Science Textbook (formerly Statsoft Electronic Textbook)

Satish & Milind Paper

Read this paper

(Is Big 5 Universal?)

Related Survey

(Big 5 Inventory)

February Residency

Feb 25:



Inferential Statistics

CLT and Conf Intervals

CLT Simulation by Satish



Burns & Burns:10, 12, 13, 14

Central Limit Theorem

(Data Science Video)

Hypothesis Tests (G. Martin)

Choosing a Test (XLSTAT)

Assignment 1 due: Description, Factoring

Read this paper

(ANOVA on Social Media Metrics)

Feb 26:


Hypothesis Testing Intro


Chi-square Goodness of Fit test (zedstatistics)

Power and Sample Size


Statistical vs Practical Significance

One Sample t-test in SPSS

Paired Sample t-test

Independent 2-sample t-test

Chi-square indepence test in SPSS

Ethics of Hyp.Testing:

p-Hacking (Veritasium)

p-Hacking (John Oliver)

Another paper using ANOVA to read

March Residency

Mar 25:


Quiz 2

Regression Analysis

Shoe Size Example

     Shoe Size Data

Lung Capacity Example

     Lung Capacity Data

Burns & Burns: 15-16

Paper – False Recall

Death to Dichotomizing

Assignment 2 due: Hypothesis Testing

Mar 26:


Special Cases in Regression

Why SEM?

Multicollinearity Data

Heteroscedasticity Data

Interaction Effect Data

Moderation Paper to read.


April Residency

Apr 22:


Quiz 3

Questionnaire Design & Sampling

Burns & Burns: 9, 19-20

Assignment 3 due: Regression

Apr 23:


Team Project Presentations

Burns & Burns: 21

Project written report due by Apr. 24th.