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Dr. Satish Nargundkar




Undergraduate Courses

            PERS 2002

            MGS 3100

            MGS 4020

            MGS 4140


India Study Abroad


Martial Art

            Chang’s Hapkido

Graduate Courses

            EMBA Poznan

            MBA 8040

            MGS 8040

            BA 9200


EMBA 8150

EDB 9080      


Lean Six Sigma

            Course Material






35 Broad St., Suite 827

Robinson College of Business

Georgia State University

Atlanta GA 30303.


Specializations:                                                  C.V. (Word File)


·         Data Mining / Quantitative Methods

·         Decision Support Systems

·         Teaching Methods


Dr. Satish Nargundkar is a Clinical Professor of Managerial Sciences in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He has taught various courses there since 1998 in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Modeling, Data Mining, and Decision Support, and conducted seminars/workshops on teaching effectiveness. He also instructs in Executive Training programs in Lean Six Sigma, Analytics, and Problem Solving, and has consulted with various companies.


His research interests are multidisciplinary, with emphasis on supply chain management, application of quantitative methods for strategic decision support, and the improvement of teaching methods. He has published papers in journals such as the European Journal of Operations Research, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Journal of Global Strategies and the Journal of Business Research, and is a recipient of multiple awards for Excellence in Teaching and Research.


He is also an instructor of Hapkido, a Korean art of self-defense.