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MBA 8040 Data Driven Decision Making

Fall 2018

Tentative Schedule: Changes may be necessary, and the website will be updated with any changes.






Assignments Due

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Overview / Data / Time Series / Regression                                                                                               

Week 1:8/14

Overview of Analytics

Spreadsheet Analysis

Basic Profit Models

Data and Cows in India

Solutions to Profit Model Qs

Assignment 1 Due 8/21

Spreadsheet / Profit Models

Week 2: 8/21

Quiz 1 (on last week’s material)


Time Series Forecasting

Averaging Methods

Trendline Forecast

Classical Decomposition

Walmart Revenue Data


Assignment 2 Due 8/28

Time Series Forecasting

Week 3: 8/28

Out-of-class session

Details of work will be discussed during prior week - 8/21 - in class.



Week 4:9/4

Quiz 2


Simple Regression

Multiple Regression Example


Shoe Size Data

Simple Regression - Notes

Mutliple Regression - Notes


Week 5: 9/11

Quiz 3


Regression Analysis Continued

Lung Capacity Data

Does p-value matter?


Assignment 3 Due 9/18

Regression Assignment


Dataset for Assignment

Week 6: 9/18

Quiz 4

Optimization Exercises

(Linear Programming)

Solutions in Excel


Assignment 4 Due 9/25



Week 7: 9/25

Quiz 5


Discrete Variables

Continuous Variables


Decision Analysis

Expected Values

Bayesian Analysis



  Simulation Exercise


  Solution in Excel


Recommended Book: Thinking: Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Week 8: 10/2

Communicating Analytics

Project Presentations

Project Reports Due